Explore the Dattica energy management solution and see how the different features of the solution work to deliver benefits to you

Energy monitoring

Keeping accurate records of your energy data; monitor and manage energy flows to reduce energy consumption across buildings, processes and systems without compromising operational efficiency

Energy auditing

Tracking and auditing every change to your data and ensuring worry free compliance

Benchmarking and targeting

Energy performance benchmarking against historical data, best practice guidelines, or established norms allowing you to reduce consumption, save money, introduce new operational efficiencies, set targets and see how you compare to competitors

Energy data analysis and reporting

Providing modern, insightful, actionable reports, with dashboards and visualisations

Energy influencing factors ­ normalisation

Easily identifying factors that influence energy consumption such as weather, production, and occupancy. For example using heat map analysis to quickly discover process improvements that can significantly reduce energy consumption

Cost allocation and bill validation

Associating costs to all energy flows to help you establish an overall picture of the business operations and how each of your large energy consumer compares. You can easily validate your bills against actual consumption to determine accurate billing and ensure that you are getting value for money

Measurement & verification

Delivering quantified energy savings by an Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) allowing you to assess and measure the success or failure of energy improvement projects

Rate and tariff analysis

Rate and tariff analysis and discovery helping you find a tariff rate that best fits your energy usage pattern, operational needs and business objectives allowing you to make energy savings and ensure you are always minimising your energy costs

Virtual metering

Mix and match your meters simplifying your overall energy profile

Carbon analysis

Measuring, managing and reducing your organisation's carbon footprint

Smart alerts, notifications & thresholds

Keeping your organisation updated about events and thresholds through browser pop ups and e-mails

EnPIs and KPI's

Developing relative measures of energy performance, tracking changes over time, and identifying best practice in energy management, evaluating whether you have achieved your objectives and targets

Email reports

Developing regular summary email reports ensuring that key decision makers and stakeholders are always kept up to date

Multi-user, multi­-site

Providing a centralised overview and enterprise wide visibility of all your sites in one place to allow you a quick access and full view of all relevant carbon and energy data

Regression and predictive analysis

Modeling business processes to allow you to accurately estimate and predict future energy consumption, to plan ahead, meet targets, and grow the business while maintaining utility costs in an efficient way

Weather normalisation and HDD analysis

Eliminating the variability of weather and accurately quantifying utility bills and energy data


Providing capability to export data to excel from a number of reports


Enabling you to integrate Dattica services, widgets and information within your organisation with other software/ IT platforms


Available on a case by case basis

While labelling & Single Sign­On (SSO)

Providing whitelabel solutions