Some common questions about Dattica.

How is it different to a BEMS (Building Energy Management System)?

BEMS although have measurement capability, it is typically limited and frequently non-operational with access restricted due to control functionality. Dattica provides not only measurement but also analysis and business intelligence capability with a more flexible and user-friendly visual dashboard to energy managers.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored on a modern cloud based platform using global privacy and data protection best practices. These security protections and control processes are independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments.

How Is my data secured by Dattica?

Dattica has a team of specialist software developers dealing in the energy sector and financial services sector. We take the privacy and security of data very seriously and have put in place the required measures, frameworks and governance structures within the business and with the cloud storage providers to ensure maximum security of data.

Can I retrieve my historical data at the end of the contract?

Yes, you can retrieve all your historical data at the end of the contract. If you join back at a later date, Dattica ensures that you don’t lose your historical data.

What other elements can Dattica measure and analyse?

Apart from the general carbon and energy measurements, Dattica can measure other elements like pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. In short it can measure and include any physical or digital source of data to help the energy manager in better understanding their carbon and energy consumption.

Can I have personalised dashboards for each user?

Yes, Dattica has the capability to provide tailored dashboard to different users within the organisation. For example, it can provide a different dashboard for the Finance Director to analyse the costs and look at alternative tariffs, while a different dashboard for the energy manager that provides an analysis of the energy consumption at various location within the organisation with smart alerts.

What types of reports are available with the Dattica platform?

Dattica provides excel data sheets/reports as well as visual reports for easier understanding. The reports can be tailored depending upon the requirements of different functions within the organisation. The integration offered by Dattica allows these reports to be linked with other internal software in the company.

How does Dattica help energy managers achieve compliance?

Dattica provide a number of tools and reports that demonstrates that your organisation is implementing an energy or environmental management system.